Identifying Your Company Hazards

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A safe work environment can only be attained when the hazards are known. It is important to inspect the workplace regularly for any changes and to make sure that the policies and procedures are being followed. Regular inspections make employers aware of deficiencies so they can prioritize them. Inspections also help evaluate how effective the current policies are.

Conducting an Inspection

An inspection team needs to conduct regular safety inspections. The company should have a checklist with typical company hazards available to make this process easier. Inspectors keep an eye out for different hazards. These will vary with each organization, but common hazards include the following:

Environmental: noise, temperature, electricity, radiation, etc.
Chemical: gas, toxic liquids, dust, etc.
Biological: bacteria, virus, parasites, etc.
Safety: equipment, work practices, work conditions etc.
Ergonomics: repetitive movements, posture, workstations etc.

Prioritizing Deficiencies

When hazards are identified, it is important to prioritize the company deficiencies. The inspectors should create a report that recommends priorities based on what they observed. There are typically three hazard priorities: A, B, C.

Prioritizing Deficiencies:
A: Chief: Demands immediate attention.
B: Serious: Needs short-term action.
C: Minor: Needs long-term action.

Report and Following Up

Reports need to include the inspector’s observations and recommendations. It should also assign follow up procedures.

The report includes:



Whether it is a repeat offense



The follow up includes:

Responsible party

Action taken


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