Writing the Safety in the Workplace Plan

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Once you have identified the different hazards that your organization faces and you understand the legal safety requirements for your business, you can draft a safety plan. We have already addressed the basic elements of a safety plan, but it cannot be stressed enough that managers and employees must be involved in order for a plan to be successful.

Management Involvement

Managers are an essential part of a safety plan, and their role must be discussed. Employees need to know who to turn to with safety concerns and managers must understand their responsibilities to promote safety. This will prevent confusion and ensure that everyone understands his or her role.


Managers are responsible to provide written health and safety guidelines to all employees.


Managerial responsibility will vary according to the needs of each organization. There are, however, basic responsibilities that most managers share:

Property maintenance

Involve employees in the program

Conduct safety surveys

Meet safety goals and objectives

Address employee concerns

Employee Involvement

Managers need employee involvement. Employees need to follow safety rules and help improve the rules and regulations when necessary. The safety plan must address employee involvement. Typically this involves the following:

Adhere to policies and procedures

Evaluate safety of personal workstation and equipment

Report unsafe work conditions

Report accidents or injuries

Follow Through with Accident Investigations

Anytime an accident happens there needs to be an investigation. The safety policy should include a section on accident investigations. Investigations need to address the following information:

Who is responsible for the investigation

How it will be investigated

The investigation itself needs to answer the following questions:

Who was injured?

Where did it happen?

What is the injury?

What caused the injury?

Which hazard is responsible?

A corrective action may be necessary, depending on the findings.

Training of Employees

Employee training should also be addressed in the plan. It is important that employees understand who will be training them and why.

Basic Training Information:

Name and title of person responsible for the training

Topics covered

Who will perform the training

Frequency of training

Information about training records

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