Competency Assessments For Your Workers

Competency assessments are essential to the performance management of your workers. These assessments make it easier to hire and promote the right people. They also help assess performance and the different competencies the workers need to improve. It will also identify the top performers.

Competency Assessment Defined

Competencies are a set of skills and essential knowledge that are necessary to perform a job well. The competencies for every position should be defined before hiring. They are important to the hiring and guide the interview process. A competency assessment assesses the skills of workers and compares them with previously established core competencies. A supervisor or HR professional decide the score of each assessment. The performance is based on chosen indicators and separate level for each rating. Each company has its own competency assessment levels, but most assessments include the following ratings:

Sample Rating:

  • Excellent
  • Meets expectations
  • Needs improvement
  • Not applicable
  • Have opportunities to advance


There are several steps that you need to take before you implement competency assessments. Successful implementation requires you to complete all of the steps.


  • Identify Competencies: Ascertain which competencies are needed to perform a job and the skill level of each competency.
  • Develop Assessments: Create a fair method of assessment that concentrates on targets. Company goals will determine the targets.
  • Practice Assessments: Practice using assessments, just like any other skill.
  • Assess Employees: Use the standards and assessments to review employees.
  • Plan: Use action plans to help workers develop.

Final Destination

The final destination will provide a pool of trained professionals with strong performance. Each company will have its own final destination that depends on the goals and needs. Reaching the stage of final destination may mean completely overhauling the competency program. It could also mean placing more attention on action plans and training. It all depends on the competencies required for each role. Identifying the goals of the organization and the competencies of each position will allow your organization to reach the final destination.


April 5, 2018