How to Work with Electricity Safely

Electricity has become an integral part of our life. Playing around with electricity can be dangerous, make sure you and your family knows how to work with it safely. Attend to appliances that need repairs immediately to avoid accidents with electricity. Inspect your electrical appliances regularly for breakages, deterioration, overheating, missing parts, faulty controls and loose fixtures or fittings. Taking time to make sure you are using your electrical equipment safely could save your life later on.

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Plugs and Electric Sockets

Plugs are an essential part of our life and it is important that you know how to use them safely. The following are some guidelines for buying and using plugs.

Only use SABS approved plugs.

Use adaptors to ensure that you don’t overload plugs.

Never pull a plug out by its cord and always switch off at the wall socket before pulling the plug out.

Ensure that all wall sockets have their switches on the “off” mode when not in use.

Never stick fingers into sockets or bare wires into sockets.

Use safety caps for the wall sockets if you have babies in the house.

Electrical Cords

Use the following tips to minimize the potential dangers that electrical cords can cause.

Replace worn and frayed cords on appliances immediately.

Keep electrical cords away from hots stoves and other hot surfaces.

Don’t run electric cords under carpets and rugs, or through hinges.

Don’t join cords with tape.

Only use SABS approved electrical wires or cords.

Electricity and Water

Water is an excellent electrical conductor and can cause electric shocks or short circuits. As a general rule, always keep water away from electrical appliances and wall sockets.

Don’t use electrical appliances in the bathroom.

Never touch electrical appliances with wet hands.

Don’t try and fill a kettle while it is plugged in.

Don’t mow wet grass with an electric lawnmower.

Don’t try to extinguish an electrical fire with water if the mains are not switched off.

Electricity and Children

The following are some tips for making sure your children are safe around electricity.

Make sure electrical cords are not left hanging where children can pull them.

Do not let children play with electrical cords.

Keep all unused plugs covered and teach children not to play with electrical sockets.

Teach your children not to fly kites near power lines.

Never allow children to climb electric poles.


June 14, 2018