Qualified Educator and Part Time Maths Tutor

Maths Tutor Johannesburg

Mr Harcharun is a qualified educator and part time maths tutor for special needs children. He is available as a Tutor in Johannesburg, and is willing to travel to students’ homes, libraries, or schools to conduct tutoring sessions. His services include researching or recommending textbooks, software, equipment, or other learning materials to complement tutoring. Mr Harcharun also prepares and facilitates tutoring workshops, collaborative projects, or academic support sessions for small groups of students. Furthermore, his services include reviewing class material with students by discussing the text, working solutions to problems, or reviewing worksheets or other assignments.

Checked References

Mr H Harcharun is currently employed as an Educator at Amadeo Junior School in Sandton as confirmed by Mr V/D Westhuizen who is the headmaster at the institution.

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February 6, 2018