Qualified Electrician in the Midrand Area

Pieter is a qualified electrician with experience in all three areas of electrical distribution, including Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and the High Voltage environment. He is an experienced site manager and electrical project manager with many years of electrical construction work. Pieter has a National N6 diploma in Electrical engineering and has also completed the Eskom ORHVS regulations. He did HV switching operations on the 132Kv Eskom networks for Solar Farms as well as the Wind farm. He is a team player and strongly believe that good teamwork is essential to deliver any project on time. Pieter is available for electrical work in and around the Midrand area.

Checked References:
“Pieter worked under my supervision for 2 years. He is very precise with his work, he completes tasks accurately and portrays good workmanship. Once tasks were completed, we would get compliments on a job well done. Pieter produces a high standard of work.”
Robi Cassaleti, Previous Employer

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February 20, 2018