Reasons why students should get a part time job

Students trying to study and holding down a part time job, is a lot of hard work. The benefits the student gets out of the experience is much greater than the actual pay check they receive. Students develop certain skills that will give them an advantage over other students. They learn important skills such as time-management and responsibility that they can then apply to their everyday lives.

The extra cash also comes in handy to have some fun while studying. Tuition today is very expensive and some extra money coming in can also help to pay off some of those fees. Students also gain valuable work experience, which is a very common question, asked at job interviews.

More benefits why students should get a part time job

  • Budgeting: Having a part time job helps students to learn to spend money wisely. Learning to spend money on important things like text books or saving up to be able to buy a car. Students are a lot less likely to spend their money on non-essentials and frivolous things.
  • Builds confidence: You develop confidence and strength to take on new challenges
  • Exploring your world: Having a part time job can help you to gain insight into yourself and others, helping you to grow emotionally and mentally.
  • Networking: Making new friends and meeting new people may help you to grow your business in the future.
  • Leadership: Working diligently and gaining respect from employers may give you an opportunity to move up to a leadership position and gain valuable experience. Learning how to work in a team is also very important.
  • Learning how to work with different people and how to deal with difficult people.
  • You can add your work experience to your CV. This will look good when going to interviews, when entering the workforce after your studies. It will show employers you have ambition.
  • Organizational skills: Having to juggle studying and a job, takes a lot of hard work but involves planning and organizing to get everything done.
  • Investing into your future: Try to get a job that is in the area of your career choice. Even if you do not get paid a lot, the experience gained will make you stand out from others at interviews. You can also start forming professional relationships that will help you to gain permanent employment after graduating.
  • Initiative: When in the workplace, sometimes things happen and problems arise. This is where you can show initiative and learn how to deal with such problems.
  • A part time job can also be a great way to develop good work ethics.

Some students may feel that a part time job will interfere with their studies. It is not easy to balance everything out, but many students manage to pull it off. Whatever the reason that a student gets a part time job, they will always be gaining something out of it and at the same time growing as an individual.

“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it” Estee Lauder

October 27, 2018